I receive my package

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Important instructions to read before unpacking your package.

We thank you for your purchase. 

Important instructions to read before unpacking your package. For the assembly to go as smoothly as possible, please read the following instructions carefully.

The package

The item is delivered in 1 package (in most cases), or several packages (for garden studios). The packages are very heavy, be careful when handling them.

Package identification

The first thing to do is to photograph the package label as well as the one with the unique identification number. This number allows you to trace the history of the package, you must communicate it for any request (technical question, guarantee, etc.).

Warranty number

Example of package form and identification number called "Warranty number".

Special case of garden studios: these items are made up of 3 or 4 packages (depending on the model). Each package has its own identification number, you must keep them all in mind before starting to unpack.

Package inspection

Check the general condition of the package, if there are traces of blows, tears in the plastic protection. When in doubt, take pictures.


To limit the risk of deformation of the parts:

• only unpack the package at the time of installation

• set up the shed during the day

Waste disposal

In accordance with the regulations in force, you must separate the packaging and put it in the sorting bin.

Please note that the rules in force are different depending on the country.


There are 2 booklets: the assembly notice and the instructions for use. These 2 booklets are inside the package.

It is imperative to use the assembly notice in the package, do not use instructions downloaded from the internet, they may contain differences. Please read it completely and make sure all steps are understood before beginning assembly. If necessary, formulate your questions by referring to the number of the step that is misunderstood. If you need the manual in digital format, please provide us with the item reference and the unique identification number of the package. This will allow us to send you the correct document.

The instruction for use will provide you with additional and important information on:

• what you need to know and do before assembly

• the non-exhaustive list of additional tools and accessories to be provided

• how to maintain your shed

General tips

  • Be careful with the tools used for assembly.
  • Keep children and animals away from the assembly site.
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment for handling parts and tools (gloves, goggles, etc.)
  • Always use 2 people to handle the parts and the assembly

Thank you for your attention,

The Decor and Garden Team